Start Building Your Self Esteem Now!

Do you criticise yourself when you do things wrong or make silly mistakes?    

Do you easily compare yourself to others?

Do you see a 'loser' in the mirror?

Do you ever ask yourself  ''What is wrong with me why dont I fit in''?

Do you see yourself as fat or ugly and have difficulties talking to people or making friends?

This is just a small portion of the regular behaviour and continued negative self talk of people with low self esteem, they often feel useless to society, can be anxious and depressed regularily and, are very concerned about pleasing others in an unconscious effort to confirm their own self worth but this dependancy on others in time, often leads to an unclear perspective of who they are as a person

Your Self Esteem is clearly all about your attitude towards yourself; having a negative attitude in regards to your potential and actualising your potential, can in time crush your totality as a person leaving you open and vulnerable in the presence of others

You certainly owe it to yourself and society to make a start one step at a time, to slowly begin Building Your Self Esteem and powerfully changing your unhealthy negative self attitude to a healthy positive self attitude

In turn you will have the advantage of recognising your true value, you will begin to respect yourself and when you respect yourself others will respect you, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your Self Confidence will begin to grow

Remember that everyone is different, we are all unique with our own attitudes and habits, our own beliefs and points of view and our own strengths and weaknesses 
Everyone has something beautiful about them, and everyone is capable of achieving far more than they do

You are also capable of achieving far more than you think you can and to help you realise that, my next posts will consist of steps needed towards building your self esteem
If you are serious about changing your mental attitude towards yourself and you want to begin building your self esteem then they will be extemely useful to you    

Please don`t just read them, think about what is written, then instantly take action and do the first steps
I have also added links below to some interesting and helpful books etc on the various subjects:

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1.Accept Yourself  for who you are only in a positive light remember that you are a unique person with your own unique skills and talents
There will always be people nicer looking than you, cleverer than you, more successful than you etc, etc, but that is how it is for everyone of us, don`t be put off by these facts and don`t let them stop you from being the best that you can be

2.Appreciate Yourself only in a positive light appreciate your uniqueness (there is and always will be only one of you), your strengths, skills and your positive beliefs
Appreciate the things you can do for others no matter how small, there will always be things you can do easily that others find difficult, accepting yourself and appreciating yourself are different; to be able to accept yourself fully you must be able to appreciate yourself

What is Self Confidence?

Self Confidence is the faith that we have in our own ablilities, it is the mental power of being comfortable with yourself and who you are despite the flaws

Self Confidence is acknowledging the realisation that you are a unique person deserving of love, trust and respect and having the ability to recognise your own unique talents and skills
We could say that our Self Confidence is linked closely to our Self Esteem and is an important part of every human being. 

We are not born confident, our self confidence is fragile and can go up or down depending on many different factors in our lives, it is also not unusual to feel confident in some situations and unconfident in others, even the most confident of people are unconfident and uncertain at some time in their lives  
Our own thoughts can have an enormous influence over our self confidence both positively and negatively

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What is Self Esteem?

Self Esteem is how you regard or value yourself, it is the image you have of yourself low self esteem means the perception of no self value

Self Esteem is an important part of every human being because it influences and can even determine success in your personal life and career

Having high self esteem means you like and respect yourself

A persons self esteem serves as their defence and survival kit against the competitive nature of society

Growing up with a high self esteem is an advantage because the person is aware of their true value but they must avoid the type of people who will try to ruin their self image

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